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Although we do offer a financing option, subject to approval, on some of our tax deed and other properties, we would ask that you only consider us as a "last resort" funding alternative. We are not a finance company and only finance properties that we hold tax deeds and/or clear title on. Most of our clients have been able to obtain much more favorable rates from full line banks and/or finance companies. However, should you wish to be considered for financing, simply download our financing application, fill it out completely and forward it back to us with a non-refundable financing application fee of $69, paid with bank check or money order, per applicant. Upon receipt of said application, our credit committee will evaluate the application, at which time the applicant will be informed of its decision. Please note that we reserve the right to amend and/or withdraw, in whole or in part without notice, the financing offered and/or the tax deed property held out for sale at any time. Only in the event that the property and/or the financing offer is withdrawn and/or amended as set out above, shall the application fee be reimbursed to the applicant(s).

     Further questions that you may have regarding financing may be addressed to us via e-mail, phone, fax or mail. Click here to view our contact information.

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