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  Current Property Listings:

Hancock County:
Ref# PPIN# Parcel # Deed Type Deed Issuer Type Price Photo
134 1075 138Q-0-34-084.000 Warranty Deed City of Bay St. Louis Acreage $45,000 View Property Photo
  ADDRESS: Old Spanish Trail and Gwen, Waveland MS    ( 4.3 acres )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: I-10 -> Exit #14 @ Hwy. 43 & 603 South go 5 miles -> Right @ Hwy. 90 go 1 1/2 mile -> Left @ Old Spanish Trail, acreage is 1 Block down on South (Right) side @ dirt drive.
168 51393 202C-0-04-039.000 Quitclaim Hancock County Acreage $39,000 View Property Photo
  ADDRESS: Herron Bay Estate Park, Ansley MS    ( 6 acres )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: I-10 to exit 13 (Hwy 43 & Hwy 603)-> Left (south) +/- 3 miles to Hwy 90 -> Right (west) on Hwy 90, go 4.8 miles. -> Left (south) @ Lakeshore Rd., go +/- 2 miles -> Right (west) @ Lower Bay Rd, go 3.5 miles -> Veer left @ Heron Bay/Ansley Rd., go 4.1 miles (parcel is on the left, out 500 east of road @ W. Park & Heron Bay Rd.)
171 3401 162A-0-03-163.00 Quitclaim Hancock County Acreage $19,860  
  ADDRESS: Chris & Hart Streets--Landlocked, Waveland MS    ( 1.7 acres )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: I-10 to exit 13 (Hwy 43 & Hwy 63) -> Left (south) @ exit 13, go 5 miles -> Right (west) @ Hwy 90, go 1 mile -> Left (south) @ Old SpanishTrail -> Right (west) @ Margie St. -> Left (south) @ Grove St. -> Right (west) @ Tabor St., go +/- 1 block to second road easement, this is Chris St. Go to end, lot is on the right.
176 22532 139C-0-40-123.000 Warranty Deed Hancock County Acreage $64,500 View Property Photo
  ADDRESS: Bayou Lacroix/Tract 1--Landlocked, Bay St. Louis MS 39520   ( 23 acres )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: I-10 to exit 13 (Hwy 43 & Hwy 603) -> Left (south) to Hwy 90 -> Right (west) @ Hwy 90, go +/- 3 miles -> Right (north) @ Harbor Dr.., go to fork (sharp turn in road) and continue right which is Harrsion St (if you go to the left this is a continuation of Harbor Drive), go to the end of Harrison St. >Right (east) @ Tyler St., go to the end of the bayou. North end of parcel is other side of bayou.
1530 22798 048-0-28-014.001 Quitclaim Hancock County Commercial Bldg. $85,000 View Property Photo
  ADDRESS: Browns Road, Kiln MS    ( Lot Size = 5 acres / 5 Acres )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: Take I-10 to Exot 13 and go north on Hwy 603 to Hwy 43. Go west approx. 5 miles to Browns Road. Turnh left on Browns Road and go .2 miles. Property on the west side of road.
1532 58030 054-0-19-020.003 Quitclaim Hancock County Acreage $4,000  
  ADDRESS: 23245 Billie Green Road, Kiln Area MS    ( 2 Acres )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: Take I-10 to Exit 13. Go north on Hwy 603 for 11.7 miles and turn right on CC Road. Go one block. Property is on the right hand side on the corner for CC road and Billie Green Road.
1537 56784 162K-0-10-011.001 Quitclaim Hancock County Lot $6,850 View Property Photo
  ADDRESS: Waveland Avenue, Waveland MS    ( Lot Size = 1.9 acres )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: Take I-10 to Exit 13. Turn south on Hwy 603 for 5.4. miles to Hwy90. Cross Hwy 90 to Waveland Avenue to the railroad tracks. Property is just before the tracks on the west side of Waveland. It is next to a seafood company. There is a small natural gas substation station next to this parcel.
1556 35442 135M-0-039-197.000 Quitclaim Hancock County House $67,450 View Property Photo
  ADDRESS: 4018 N. Sumatra St., Bay Saint Louis MS 39520   ( Lot Size = 100 X 100 )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: Take i-10 to Exit 13. Turn south on Hwy 603 for 3.6. miles and turn east on to Central Ave. Go .9 miles to 21st Street. Turn left for .1 miles to Swan St. Turn right on Swan for .2 miles to Stop sign. Go straight ahead on Tahiti for .1 to Manhatten St. Turn left onto Manhatten for .2 miles to N. Sumatra St. It is first house on the right.
1557 51610 162F-1-04-051.000 Quitclaim Hancock County House $6,500 View Property Photo
  ADDRESS: 1103 Edna / (Previously 4th Street), Waveland MS 39576   ( Lot Size = 75 x 141.5 x 88.2 x 141.5 )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: Take I-10 to Exit 13. Turn south on Hwy 603 5.4 miles to Hwy 90. Cross 90 onto Waveland Ave. and go .2 miles to Edna. Turn west 100 to house on south side of Edna.

This list of tax deed properties does not constitute an offer to sell but is only provided for informational purposes. Although this list is believed complete, it is the responsibility of the prospective purchaser to verify the accuracy of ALL information contained therein. Upon request we will provide written offers on specific properties. Because tax deed properties generally sell quickly, all offers are on a first come, first serve basis only. In addition, until good funds have been received, accepted, deposited and confirmed as good funds by the depository institution, we reserve the right to refund, withdraw, amend, and/or revise, in whole or in part, any of the terms and/or conditions upon which tax deed properties are offered. Furthermore, unless specifically stated in writing, Purchaser expressly understands that ALL tax deed property interests are sold/conveyed by Quitclaim "as is" and "where is", without any warranties or representations whatsoever, subject to any suits, lis pendens, outstanding property taxes, liens, judgements, condemnations, actions of any kind and/or assessments of any kind. Finally, Purchaser understands that Seller make no representations of any kind as to the condition and/or marketability of the property and/or the merchantability of its title. Because we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, it is imperative that you fully research each tax deed interest before purchasing. If there is anything you do not understand, always seek expert advice before purchasing. All sales are final.

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