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  Current Property Listings:

Forrest County:
Ref# PPIN# Parcel # Deed Type Deed Issuer Type Price Photo
107 6614 167A-025211.00 Quitclaim Forrest County House $31,850 View Property Photo
  ADDRESS: 22 Register Street, Hattiesburg MS 39401   ( Lot Size = 217X156 Irr )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: Hwy. 49 to Hattiesburg- Turn east oon Jim Tatum Industrial Road. Follow the road until it merges with Old Airport road. Continue east to Stepts Rd and turn north for one block. Turn west on Register St., go to the end of the road. Property is on the north side.
181 29670 119-B2070030-054.00 Quitclaim Forrest County Lot $395 View Property Photo
  ADDRESS: Lakewood Drive, Petal MS    ( Lot Size = 111 X 154 )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: Hwy 49 South ->Left (east) @ Hwy 49/42 Bypass, east to Hwy 11, east to Hwy 42 @ Petal, east to Old Richton Rd -> Left (north) @ Old Richton Rd. Go 1.5 miles and turn west on McAulay. It turns noth . Go .1 mile to natural curve to the west onto SherryLynn. Go .2 miles to Ridgemont. Turn north on Ridgemont for .1 mile. Turn right on Skyland Terrace for one block. Turn left onto Lakewood. The property is located about 500 from the corner. See file 182.
182 29668 119-B2070030-052.00 Quitclaim Forrest County Lot $395 View Property Photo
  ADDRESS: Lakewood Drive, Petal MS    ( Lot Size = 130 x 156.5 x 210 x 329 )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: Hwy 49 South -> Left (east) @ Hwy 49/42 Bypass, east to Hwy 11, east to Hwy 42, east @ Petal, east -> Right (north) @ Old Richton Rd . Go north for 1.5 miles and turn west on McAuley Dr for .1 miles. Road curves here into Sherry Lynn. Go .2 miles and turn north on Ridgemont. Go .1 mile to Skyland Terrace. Turn right for a curve to your left (about 300 ) and turn right on LakewoodDrive. Go 450 from the corner to corner of the lot. We also have the next lot over, another 80 .
189 18476 239-0440-103-008.000 Quitclaim City of Hattiesburg House $390 View Property Photo
  ADDRESS: 603 Katie Avenue, Hattiesburg MS 39401   ( Lot Size = 60 X 203 Irr )MapQuest Driving Directions
 DIRECTIONS: Hwy 49 - 98 North to Hattiesburg ->right on W. Pine Street -> right on 6th Ave -> right on Hall Avenue -> one block to Walnut -> left on Katie Avenue

This list of tax deed properties does not constitute an offer to sell but is only provided for informational purposes. Although this list is believed complete, it is the responsibility of the prospective purchaser to verify the accuracy of ALL information contained therein. Upon request we will provide written offers on specific properties. Because tax deed properties generally sell quickly, all offers are on a first come, first serve basis only. In addition, until good funds have been received, accepted, deposited and confirmed as good funds by the depository institution, we reserve the right to refund, withdraw, amend, and/or revise, in whole or in part, any of the terms and/or conditions upon which tax deed properties are offered. Furthermore, unless specifically stated in writing, Purchaser expressly understands that ALL tax deed property interests are sold/conveyed by Quitclaim "as is" and "where is", without any warranties or representations whatsoever, subject to any suits, lis pendens, outstanding property taxes, liens, judgements, condemnations, actions of any kind and/or assessments of any kind. Finally, Purchaser understands that Seller make no representations of any kind as to the condition and/or marketability of the property and/or the merchantability of its title. Because we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, it is imperative that you fully research each tax deed interest before purchasing. If there is anything you do not understand, always seek expert advice before purchasing. All sales are final.

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